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The Institute of Biology and Earth Sciences is a unit of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the Pedagogical University of Krakow. The main functional purpose of the Institute is to conduct scientific research, educate students, improve the scientific staff, disseminate knowledge and cooperate with research centers in the country and abroad.

Research topics carried out within the Institute of Biology and Earth Sciences are interdisciplinary. In the field of natural, biological and environmental sciences, both laboratory and field research are conducted. They concern e.g. protection of nature and the environment, the functioning of living organisms in optimal and stress conditions, and also include topics in botany, ecology, zoology and chemistry.

The Institute of Biology and Earth Sciences currently employs 72 employees, including: 5 full professors, 28 associate professors, 33 doctors and 6 assistants. There are two scientific clubs operating at the Institute – the “Biosphere” Naturalists’ Club and the Scientific Club for Geography Students.

Created by the employees of the Institute of Biology and Earth Sciences, the discipline councils are authorized to confer PhD degree in biological sciences in the field of biology, the degree of Doctor habilitatus in biological sciences and PhD degree in earth and environmental sciences. In 2022, as a result of a comprehensive assessment of the quality of scientific activity of scientific units, the Institute of Biology and Earth Sciences obtained B+ categories in the field of biological sciences as well as earth and environmental sciences.